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Student teachers’ training kicks off

By Ijoo Bosco Modi


A third training for student teachers in Eastern Equatoria State has kicked off in Torit Town.

The State Minister of Education opened the training for Lafon and Imehejek student teachers on Friday.

The training is being supported by the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA).

Minister Lopeyok Sammy Aperengole said the support by the NCA highlights the power of unity and collective effort in positively impacting teachers’ academic journey.

Mr. Lopeyok applauded the teacher’s commitment and dedication to the noble profession of teaching, which is truly commendable for shaping the image of the state citizens.

“Your commitment and dedication to the noble profession of teaching are truly commendable; you play a pivotal role in shaping the futures of our students, instilling knowledge, skills, and valves that will guide them throughout their lives,” said Lopeyok.

Lopeyoke added that, through the training, they aim to equip teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge that will enable them to deliver quality education to the children effectively.

“It’s through such a capacity-building program that we ensure our teachers stay updated and remain at the forefront of education innovations,” added Lopeyok.

The minister is confident that this training course will empower student teachers to improve classroom practices, foster critical thinking, and instill a love for learning among students.

He said education is not just about imparting academic knowledge but also about nurturing well-rounded individuals who can positively contribute to their communities.

for his part, the acting Director General in the Ministry of Education, Oyet Ambrose, urged the students to follow the laws and regulations of the center by being disciplined by their instructors and providing them with knowledge.

Mr. Ambrose stated that the great aim of the training for the student is not only to attain knowledge but also to be proactive in the field to fill the empty mind with sustainable skills.

“You are not brought here for nothing; you need to be very attentive, meaning from this training you acquire knowledge, acquire skills, and acquire experience, you acquire a lot. What is remaining from all this knowledge you acquire from here? You go and insert it into your learners.”

Meanwhile, the Deputy Director for quality assurance and standards, Musa Umar Gunduri, advised the Imehejek and Lafon student teachers to stay obedient during their education training tenure.

Mr. Gunduri cautioned the student teachers to desist from dogging lesions and consumption of alcoholic liquid while undergoing training in the institute.

“You must act as a light and a massager to the community you will go to after the completion of your course of certification in three months,” he said.

However, Torit County Education Director Sekuku Ruth appealed to the Imehejek and Lafon authorities to file more female student teachers to undertake such training.

The Ministry of General Education and Instruction transferred the Imehejek teachers’ training center from the Imejehek administrative area of Lafon to Torit last month due to persistent insecurity in the area.

According to state educational officials, over 60 student teachers who registered for the beginning of stage one, term one, and two sessions (October to December) are attending to attend training in Torit.


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