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Armed attackers kill soldier in Kajo-Keji

By Charles K Mark


Suspected rebels launched a hit-and-run attack on an army detachment in Kajo-Keji County, Central Equatoria State of South Sudan, local authorities reported.

The attack that occurred along the border with Uganda’s Moyo district over the weekend, claimed life of one South Sudan People’s Forces (SSPDF) soldier.

Kajo-Keji County commissioner, Phanuel Dumo James claimed the attackers were forces allied to the National Salvation Front (NAS).

Dumo said SSPDF has been monitoring the movement of the holdout groups, but a heavy downpour hindered their plans to carry out operations against the attackers at their locations.

“Because of the rain, we cannot go to their side. So, they decided to come out from that, arresting one civilian, and attacked us,” Commissioner Dumo said.

He stated that they got an alert earlier from the captured civilian who managed to escape warning them to be vigilant of the attack plan by the repressive forces.

The commissioner revealed that the attack took place at around 02:00 PM in an area called Abaya along the border with the Moyo district of the Northern Uganda region.

According to him, the government forces who were seated in their positions were forced to retaliate with the surprise attack hence exchanging gunfire that led to the death of the SSPDF soldier.

“One of our sergeants was hit by their bullet and died. And from the time the attack happened,” Dumo told this outlet on the phone from Kajo-Keji.

He said the attackers disappeared into a thick forest after the brief battle, making it difficult for the government forces to pursue them.

He disclosed that they captured one person from the attackers who is telling who the attackers are and giving details on their whereabouts.

However, Dumo noted that the situation in the area is calm after the attackers were repelled adding that people are going about their lives, and locals are in the field harvesting their groundnuts.

“Others are cultivating. So, the situation is not alarming” the commissioner assured.

“We are at the center of readiness; we are sending more forces. Using the direction, they came from, we want to monitor them in case they may come back, but for now, we scattered them” The commissioner noted”.

Meanwhile, No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper couldn’t independently verify the identity of the armed attackers.

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