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Islamic Council refutes vote of no confidence

By Ijoo Bosco


Islamic Council in Eastern Equatoria State has refuted allegations that it has passed a vote of no confidence against its secretary general.

Over the weekend, the Islamic Council allegedly voted to remove Mr. Awad Omer Okot, accusing him of accusing him of committing significant violations.

Mr. Awad, in the letter seen by this outlet, was accused of violation and abuse of authority vested upon him for running the affairs of Islamic council activities.

The letter partly reads that he lacks commitment to his duties and fails to take measures to unite the council members thus resulting in the withdrawal of the council members.

Mr. Awad was accused of appointing some members who had no link to the council.

In response letter extended to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Juma Babikir Lohure, the deputy secretary general for Eastern Equatoria Islamic Council, stated that they were unaware of the group and that wrote the letter.

Mr. Babikir claimed that the letter was authored by a group of individuals who claim to be Muslims but are actually mere pretenders seeking self-interests rather than adhering to the Islamic doctrine of peace and love.

“I would term as terror groups who want to disturb the peaceful co-existence of the Islamic community in particular and their brothers from the other denominations in the state,” he said.

He further added that all the allegations raised against the state secretary General Sheik Awad Omer Okot are false with no evidence, and the procedure followed is not correct.

Mr. Babikir added that the groups should have approached the state consultative body (Shura), the state Islamic secretariat, or the general assembly to discuss their issues and find amicable solutions.

The deputy SG blamed some politicians for orchestrating unlawful activities against the Islamic community in the state to fulfill personal ambitions, contrary to Islamic religious doctrine.

He called on the politicians to stop interfering with the affairs of the Islamic community and the state Islamic council at large.

“We the Islamic council secretariat and the Muslim community in Eastern  Equatoria state at large do hereby condemn the activities of the wrong group against the council and advise them to come back to their senses and work for peace and harmony amongst the Muslim community.”

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