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CES impeachment candidates

By William Madouk


The fate of three Central Equatoria state ministers hang in balance, as a looming impeachment vote by the state assembly is expected to take place today.

All eyes are on the state legislators to either impeach the trio or grant them clemency.

Those who will be rendered jobless if MPs withdraw their trust are, Mr. Wayi Godwill Edward, minister of cabinet and parliamentary affairs who is the acting minister of local government and law enforcement agencies; Fred Laku Raymon, minister of housing and public utilities; and Viana Kakuli Aggrey, minister of finance and planning.

Central Equatoria State (CES) parliament on Monday adopted an impeachment motion against three top state officials for their coordinated lies to the August House over the alleged sale of plot No. 64, block xiii, in Juba’s Hai Malakal neighborhood.

CES Assembly Speaker, Peter Wani Kulang, adjourned the session until today, Wednesday morning, after some heated debate during Monday’s session that divided the house, with mainly SPLM lawmakers walking out.

“Therefore, we adjourn this sitting, although we have adopted the impeachment motion to go and make further consultations so that when we come back, we can collaborate together,” he said.

It all happened when motion mover Edward Dian Tongo said the preliminary investigation indicated that a state plot of land had been exchanged for services by the state Ministry of Finance and Investment through the state investment authority.

He added that the trio had coordinated lies to the August House over the alleged sale of government land to cover up the scandal.

However, the two ministers who were summoned and appeared before the state parliament earlier denied the allegations.

The Deputy Chairperson of the Specialized Committee for Information at the State Assembly, Morris Andrea Lupe, told the media that an impeachment document has been adopted, awaiting a vote for the three officials to be shown the exit gate.

“The motion of the vote of no confidence against the three state ministers is adopted, and the deliberation for the casting of the vote of no confidence is also adjourned for Wednesday (today) for discussion,” said Lupe.

“I invite you all to come and attend on Wednesday, and you will get the final results,” he added.

An impeachment is the process by which a legislature may bring charges against an officeholder for misconduct alleged to have been committed with a penalty of removal.

The Genesis

In a letter addressed to the governor, Adil Anthony, dated March 8 and seen by this outlet, Viana Kakuli, the state minister of finance, appealed to the governor to approve the exchange to allow her docket to continue giving services.

“This is to formally request your authorization for the above-stated subject matter. The plot in question belongs to the state ministry of finance, planning, and investment, CES,” partially read the letter.

“In the wake of the current economic crisis, the ministry, in its regular senior management meeting No. 3/2023, resolved to offer the land to a partner in exchange for vehicles and other essential services to keep the ministry afloat,” she added.

If approved, the land will be handed over to a private firm, Quick Global Logistics Company Ltd.

Mrs. Kakuli, in a purported document, said the Quick Global firm will give her docket five (5) Toyota Hardtops and an amount of 100,000 US dollars for the construction of a new building.

“The firm will supply the ministry with five new Toyota Hardtop vehicles to enable the ministry to render services that require the mobility of its staff,” she added, “with a payment of USD 100,000 to support the construction of the ministry’s new office.”

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