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Ministers survive impeachment over lack of quorum

By William Madouk


Central Equatoria State Assembly adjourned a sitting meant to impeach three state cabinet ministers, over lack of quorum.

The state lawmakers were supposed to decide on the fate of the three state ministers, yesterday, but the sitting was greeted by a low turnout. Legislators who oppose the impeachment motion, failed to turn up, eventually paralyzing the House business.

The state legislative assembly speaker, Peter Wani Kulang, was compelled to adjourn the sitting until further notice.

The trio under impeachment threats include; the minister of cabinet affairs, Mr. Wayi Godwill Edward; the minister of finance and investment, Viana Kakuli; and Mr. Fred Laku Raymon, the minister of housing, land, and public utilities.

Deputy Chairperson for the Information Committee at the State Assembly, Morris Andrea Lupe, clarified that an impeachment motion was adopted and they were to carry on from there, but due to poor turnout, the session was suspended.

“Today, in the second session, we are supposed to have the continuation sitting of the urgent motion on the vote of no confidence against the three state ministers,” said Lupe.

“[But] the sitting is adjourned, just because the quorum was not enough, so that is why it is adjourned until further notice,” he added.

On Monday, the Central Equatoria State Legislative Assembly adopted an impeachment motion against three state officials for their coordinated lies to the House over the alleged sale of government land.

This came after the majority of SPLM members, among others, left without return during a break. A move tactical move to frustrate the casting of votes of no confidence against the ministers.

The motion is, however, pending further deliberation and the casting of a vote of no confidence. But the motion divided the CES assembly amid contrasting views and a walkout.

It all started when motion mover Edward Dian Tongo said a preliminary investigation indicated that a government plot had been exchanged for services by the state Ministry of Finance and Investment through the state investment authority.

He added that the trio had coordinated lies to the House over the alleged sale of government land to cover up the scandal.

However, the two ministers who were summoned and appeared on the floor of parliament earlier denied the allegations.

Another MP, Khamis James, who seconded the motion, said, as the people’s representative, they would not condone such activities in the state.

However, the chief whip for the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) party, Jacob Aligo Lo-Lado, objected to the impeachment motion, citing that the committee has brought nothing new before the House.

He stressed that the House should not do selective justice and also pointed an accusing finger at some members of parliament for being involved in the Juba commercial land scandal.

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