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Peace and unity are the most sung words in the country, with unequivocal demand than the US Dollars but least practiced and felt.

Our current numerous predicaments of high commodity prices, diminishing currency rates, high unemployment rates, poor standards of living, and so forth, are all effects of an absence of peace and unity among the citizens in the country.

Ironically, a scientific diagnosis of the root cause reveals individuals being key actors and catalysts in perpetrating violence, resulting in the disintegration of the community fabric.

Other factors could be traditionally inherited discordance among communities which wouldn’t have an attached link to the current generation if well analyzed.

Governor, James Odhok Oyai’s call for the people to shun tribal differences, is an appeal that must resonate in the minds and hearts of all citizens in the country, not only Upper Nile state.

All citizens and communities of this country must build trust and confidence among each other for co-existence, to spur development and prosperity.

To broaden, the governor’s pursuit for amity in this country, the people must reconcile among themselves and shirk tribal grudges for peace and security.

We can’t proclaim peace in this country unless individuals realize their roles in bringing it into reality by parting in its embrace internally.

Seeking peace externally is chasing the invisible wind, yet it resides within the individual but with multiplicity effect on the whole.

Nobody fights for peace, for in that way more violence is generated; however, it is cultivated, nurtured, and embraced.

For peace is ever in abundance, in you and me. Let’s exalt it.

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