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Youth conclude empowerment training

By Ijoo Bosco


A one-day workshop for youth skills empowerment and development in Eastern Equatoria State, Torit has concluded on Tuesday.

The Vocational Skills Development Organization (VOSDO) collaborated with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to train the youth.

The Seed 4 Youth project was awarded to VOSDO to implement in three counties of Kapoeta South, Torit, and Magwi County, selected through donors’ criteria of peaceful, accessible areas.

The primary goal of the project is to introduce the initiative to diverse stakeholders in Eastern Equatoria, empowering youth in the state.

The project team leader Mr. Cletus Oboyi Simplicio praised UNDP and VOSDO for targeting the youth in their training program.

He stated that it will significantly contribute to changing attitudes and enhancing peace and development across the state.

The Director General of Culture, Youth, and Sports, Mr. Wani Kute encouraged stakeholders in the three implementing counties to spread the message of training opportunities to youth in their areas.

He commended donors and partners for making the youth project a grassroots goal, promoting equal participation from all levels of society, from the state to the provinces, to benefit from vast areas.

The director general of Gender and Social Welfare, Dominica Iduwa, praised VOSDO and UNDP for sowing seeds for growth and development among the state youth of the Eastern Equatoria State.

She called on partners like NGOs and UNDP to fund projects catering to males aged 35 to 50, who are often left redundant and not considered.

The Kingdom of Netherlands, UNDP, and the national government have awarded the same project to seven states, including Eastern Equatoria State, Upper Nile, Lakes State Jonglei and Western Bahr el Ghazal State.

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