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Three died in tragic accident

By Ijoo Bosco


Two teenagers and an elderly woman died when Land cruiser overturned between Chalamini and Hiyala Payam while traveling from Imehejek administrative area to Torit town.

Eastern Equatoria state Police Director of Crimes, Adam Satiro, reported that the vehicle overturned in a washup area caused by mountain running water, creating deep holes on both sides of the road.

Over 25 passengers, including the driver, were onboard, resulting in three deaths and 22 injuries.

The crime officer has deemed the incident one of the most severe accidents in the state since the start of the year.

Mr. Satiro added that 22 injured individuals are undergoing medication at the state hospital, while the relatives of the deceased are unknown.

He encouraged drivers to limit passenger numbers and overload in areas they travel into to reduce the unusual nature of deadly accidents observed on the roads within the state.

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