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The arrest of 25 suspected gangsters around Gumbo bridge in Juba city is a good new to residents of Sherikat, who had disturbing incidences in the hands of this notorious group.

These cases have been there almost every day, though people talked about it, there were not actions taken to bring any change.

Despite the arrests by the security, the subsequence episode that follows will be their release. Nevertheless, it’s the right of the citizens to demand their government to provide security, hence setting such high caliber suspects free without trial endangers the people more.

Aptly, suspects would undergo investigation and once that is done, they are subjected to court of law.  Those found guilty, are punished, either by cash fine or jail sentences, to deter others from engaging in similar crimes and also prevent the very culprits from reverting to the act after completing terms.

But what happens in our country is quite different; critical processes of investigation, legal actions and justice, are condoned to offer suspects freedom without trail, which in turn promotes criminality.

The level of crimes in the country is beyond human understanding. Arresting suspected criminal is just a mocking gimmick, in the sense that if one is arrested in the morning, the suspect will be free in the afternoon time, even if under murder case.

The unprecedented releases of suspects is because the system is very loose, starting from the police station, judges that can’t hold a prisoner accountable for crimes just because government can’t set system in place.

Other criminal cases are committed by foreign nationals just due to poor implementations of policies in every sector. It has given the country more harm than good because no one can be held accountable for any crime done in the country.

Imagine the police in their operations arrested gangsters for taking part in criminal activities in the city. They were apprehended with objects like pangas, knives and drugs which are more dangerous to human life. The gangsters participate in bad activities that tarnish the image of the country and the government.

These are crimes that need serious investigation and those found guilty have to be immediately taken into custody for a good period of time, so that it makes a difference and others will fear joining the school of crimes. Parents must also try to talk to their children to go to school instead of participating murdering innocent souls in the country. Otherwise, citizens will suspect that the robbery booties are been taken to the family members.

If you have a son or doughtier participating in gangs, watch out the next person to die will be you, you better advise them to join studies, either vocational training or even start-up farming to benefit the communities and reduce crimes in the country.

Gumbo and Lologo are the leading areas of continuous gang activities in Juba. Members of these gangs are young boys and men between 14-30 years of age, who after leaving education take to killing and grabbing property. They commit atrocities against citizens without mercy as the government watches on.

These gangs are in different groups some are having pangs and others moving with guns, putting the lives of innocent citizens at risk.

Just imagine cutting a human being with a panga or shooting someone over his or her properties, what does it mean? And afterwards, nothing is done to the gang, neither the army nor local authorities care to take steps to imprison them for a good number of months or years. It’s a bad practice in the country.

If the government and the particular parents do not intervene early, South Sudan won’t have feature leaders.

I appeal to the government of South Sudan to put more effort into protecting citizens and their properties and to arrest these so-called gangsters to face the law. Any youth from the age of 15-35 found at home without going to school should be arrested and questioned.

God Bless South Sudan

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