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Activist calls for security deployment in gov’t institutions


By Ijoo Bosco


An activist in Eastern Equatoria State calls on the government to deploy armed personnel to safeguard vital state institutions and ensure their safety and security.

Flora Sebit Jada, who works for the Women Agency for Progress Organization, urges the government to replace unarmed security guards with fully equipped police officers to protect government institutions.

She expressed concern that relying on unarmed security guards to protect critical government institutions is compromising their safety and security, putting valuable state assets at risk.

This call for action comes in the wake of incidents where criminals targeted major government institutions, attempting to loot from the Revenue Authority Commission, which serves as the lifeblood of the government.

Just last week, a security guard protecting the Lorima Primary Health Care Unit was killed by a suspected robber. The perpetrator has been apprehended and is currently under investigation at the Ikotos police station.

Similarly, on Thursday of the same week, a group of three suspected criminals broke into the Revenue Authority office at 9:00 PM.

Although one of them managed to gain access and attacked the guard, he was ultimately overpowered and killed.

Flora emphasized the need for the state government to review its policy of deploying unarmed security guards across government institutions in the state.

This is crucial to instill trust in the public regarding the safety and security of their assets.

“I am relieved to hear about the news. However, I question how such an incident could occur. The security guard’s bravery was a blessing from God, enabling him to employ his skills to overcome the criminals. I appreciate his actions and hope that all security personnel can work similarly,’ she said

“But I also believe that security guards should be armed, like police officers, rather than being mere guards without protective tools, especially when entrusted with the protection of significant government institutions. The Revenue Authority Commission, for instance, is a substantial office that requires armed personnel,” said Flora.

She further appealed to the government to deploy armed security guards to all government institutions, ensuring that people can have confidence in the safety and security of these state offices.

The activist added that the state authorities should fulfill their responsibilities diligently in addressing the escalating criminal activities within the municipality, thereby reducing the disruption caused by the youth to the town’s security.

She also urged the Mayor of Torit to intensify efforts to identify criminals entering the town.

Last week, the Eastern Equatoria State government commended the security guard who killed the suspected criminal that broke into the State Revenue Authority headquarters.

This commendation was made during a joint press statement by the State Minister of Information and Communication, the Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agencies, and the Mayor of Torit Municipal Council.

Speaking to the press, Elia John Ahaji, the Eastern Equatoria State Minister of Information and Government Spokesperson, praised the security guard for his heroic actions in safeguarding the government facility.


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