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A clarion call for development, youth engagement

By James Innocent


Mugwo calls for citizens and governments to cooperate in development.

Leading the charge is an elder, Devi Simbe from Yari, Mugwo Payam of Yei River County on Central Equatoria state in South Sudan, who emphasizes the need to focus on development.

The elder stresses the importance of investing in social services like churches, schools, and medical facilities.

Simbe also underscores the need to nurture the young generation, advocating for sports and training programs across various fields.

The call resonates with the recent scars of conflict in the country.

South Sudan, in 2016, descended into violence, displacing millions of people, including many from Mugwo, who sought refuge, crossed borders into neighboring countries of DR Congo and Uganda.

Now, as hundreds trickle back home, the need for rebuilding and rejuvenating life is paramount.

Amplifying this sentiment is Khemis Matthew, a youth leader of the same Payam, who pleads with the government to prioritize youth development through sports activities and education.

Khemis believes that engaging the young generation will foster peace and unity within the community.

Another youth association representative from Yei River County, Aki Moses echoes similar sentiment.

He envisions inter-county and inter-Payam tournaments, where sports serve as a bridge to rebuild trust and camaraderie.

Mugwo stands at a crossroads, with the past whispering of hardship and the future promising hope.

By prioritizing development, nurturing the youth, and embracing the spirit of unity, Mugwo could rise from the ashes and forge a brighter tomorrow for all the citizens.


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