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Yei poised for economic recovery

By James Innocent


Yei River County, once ravaged by conflict, is now poised for a potential economic boom.

For years, the country has known only the shadow of conflict. But today, a glimmer of hope shines as the national Minister of Trade and Industry, and a high-level delegation descend upon the region.

The delegation arrived in Yei town on Friday to assess the county’s untapped economic potential, unlock barriers to investment and pave the way for a prosperous future.

The visit marks a turning point for Yei, which has seen a significant improvement in security.

County Commissioner Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa received the delegation and praised the rising tide of security, attributing it to the combined efforts of local authorities and security forces.

According to him, this newfound stability has paved the way for businesses like Carnack Tobacco Co. to thrive, becoming the leading taxpayer in the region.

He highlighted Carnack Tobacco Co, as a beacon of resilience and a significant contributor to the national coffers.

The National Minister of Trade and Industry William Anyoun Kuol urged Carnack to expand its reach and attract more investors to Yei.

Kuol recognizes the power of economic activity in fostering peace and stability, calling upon all citizens to embrace this new dawn.

Commissioner General of South Sudan Revenue Authority, Africano Mande, emphasized the need to diversify industries beyond Juba and create more employment opportunities through investment in Yei.

He sees Yei as a fertile ground for investment and revenue generation.

As the world is changing, and Yei must evolve with it. Mande urges the county to embrace innovation and digitalization to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

He further called for unity and diversity, a crucial foundation for progress in the face of climate change and global transformations.

While optimism is high, challenges remain, Commissioner Cyrus acknowledged the need to address roadblocks to trade and encourage refugees to return and rebuild their lives.

He also stressed the importance of unity and innovation in the face of digitalization and climate change.

This visit is more than just a trip but rather a declaration that Yei is ready to rise from the ashes of conflict and forge a prosperous future.

It’s a call to action for investors, entrepreneurs, and citizens alike to seize this opportunity and build a brighter tomorrow.

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