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Magwi inter-payam tournament: Eight teams await quarter-finals

By Odoch Ben Sylvester


Magwi County inter-Payam tournament for boys has reached a thrilling stage, with eight out of the 16 participating Payams eagerly awaiting the quarter-finals set to kick off on Saturday, January 20th.

The first match will feature Pogee taking on Lobone, sparking anticipation among fans and players alike.

While the boys’ teams eagerly await their quarter-final matches, Agoro girls have already secured their spot in the final following a controversial game that eliminated Owiny Ki Bul girls from the competition. The intense matches have captivated the local football enthusiasts in Magwi County.

The tournament, organized by the Magwi County Local Football Association with support from the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), South Sudan’s ruling party, commenced on January 5th, 2024, and has been running for two weeks.

The competition aims to promote football at the grassroots level and foster unity among the participating Payams.

Mr. Acaya Ben Okee, the General Secretary of the Magwi Local Football Association, expressed his excitement about the event.

He mentioned that the qualified Payams for the boys’ semi-finals include Nimule Town Council, Moli, Magwi, Owiny Ki Bul, Palwar, Lobone, Pajok, and Pogee.

For the girls’ tournament, Agoro payam, Owiny Ki Bul, Magwi, and Pajok Payam have secured their places in the semi-finals.

The quarter-final matches for the boys’ tournament are scheduled as follows: Lobone vs. Pogee in the morning and Nimule Town Council vs. Pajok in the afternoon on January 20th.

On January 21st, Owiny Ki Bul will face Magwi Payam in the morning, while Palwar will take on Moli in the afternoon.

In the girls’ category, Magwi Payam, leading Group A, will face off against Pajok Payam, the runner-up in Group B, in a highly anticipated clash.

The secretary-general emphasized the significance of these matches and highlighted the enthusiasm surrounding the tournament. He provided the match schedule and urged football enthusiasts to come out and support their respective Payams.

The Magwi County inter-Payam tournament has become an annual tradition, with this year marking its fifth consecutive edition.

The tournament serves as a platform to showcase local talent and nurture a love for the sport in the community.

Football enthusiasts can look forward to two more weeks of thrilling matches and intense competition in Magwi County.

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