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Budi County trains 72 Community Police officers


By Jino Wilson


 Budi County authorities of Eastern Equatoria State graduated 72 community police officers, including 66 males, 6 females, and 1 person with a disability on Tuesday.

Graduates have undergone a month-long training program to equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to support public safety and work alongside traditional authorities.

The 72 community police officers graduation marks a significant boost to local security efforts.

The program included both men and women, promoting inclusivity and representation.

Budi County Commissioner, Akileo Mboya highlighted the officers’ role in aiding public safety, assisting communities in healing, and bridging the gap between communities and police forces.

The officers will support traditional chiefs in addressing local and upholding the rule of law at the grassroots.

“This force will greatly help reduce violence within the community,” said County Commissioner Mboya.

“The chiefs have been having no backup in the community, hence this force will greatly help the chiefs.” He noted.

“Community policing will enhance rule of law by apprehending grassroots criminals and forwarding them to the police, where the police will hand them over to the judiciary,” added Mboya.

According to the commissioner the community police officers will play a vital role in working alongside communities and traditional authorities to create a safer and more peaceful environment for all.

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