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Fresh cattle influx baffles State cabinet

By William Madouk


Central Equatoria cabinet is facing a fresh headache over a return of cattle keepers to the state.

In its ordinary council of ministers meeting, the governor, Emmanuel Adil Anthony, expressed a deep concern about the roaming cattle herder, who have returned in large numbers.

Central Equatoria state information minister, Andruga Mabe, told the media after the meeting, the governor is concerned that the herds of cattle will disturb the peace of farmers across the state.

“The Governor emphasized the looming issue of cattle keepers returning again to disturb the peace of the agrarians in the agricultural belt zone of the state,” said Mabe.

The state leaders worry over the dangers posed by the influx of the cattle being driven by Ambororo among other herders.

“This time, these cattle keepers, who are accompanied by Ambororo and so on, are already posing a threat to this agriculture season,” he added.

However, Mr. Mabe also disclosed the CES government plans to ensure peace and tranquilly among cattle herders and farmers.

“The state government, under the leadership of the Hon. Governor, is putting mechanisms in place to curb this at the onset of the economic crisis. So that it doesn’t really disturb the peace and tranquilly among the farmers throughout the state,” he explained.

According to the minister of information, there will be an agricultural conference organized by the state Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Environment to boost food security.

“This will typically boost issues connected to food security and agriculture, and this will also be followed by chiefs’ conferences that are taking shape to be organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Local Government,” he continued.

Furthermore, Mabe explained that the chiefs’ conference would empower the traditional authority to effect the implementation of the peace agreement, which would inspire people from Diasporas to return home.

“That will attract the return and the resettlement of our people from the diaspora,” he noted.

Minister Mabe also hailed Adil’s effort in electrifying the state, adding that the pilot project has already taken shape.

“They have started donating solar panels, bulbs, and facilities that can electrify the towns of Kajo-Keji, Yei, Terekaka, and Lainya,” he lauded.

Meanwhile, the state cabinet was presented with three memos with the first being from the Minister of Finance on approval of the welfare package of the cabinet members.

Other memos included one by the minister of animal resources, who tabled a land leasehold for the construction of a state art complex, hotel, convention center, and business center in the former Juba Hotel.

The third memo was from the minister of health, focusing on private health facilities in the state.

Andruga said the private health facilities bill 2024 was passed, and the health minister and acting minister of cabinet affairs were directed to promptly implement the resolution in totality.



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