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CEPO urges stringent measures against illegal logging

By Charles K Mark


Civil society warns of anticipated food insecurity as a result of the grave impact of climate change caused by deforestation.

Community Empowerment for Progress Organisation (CEPO) urges the government to take urgent measures to end illegal logging across the country.

CEPO’s Edmond Yakani directs his call to two-line ministries of Environment and Forestry as well as Agriculture and Food Security.

Yakani also raised the concern to relevant committees in the national Parliament on Environment and Forestry, Agriculture, and Food Security.

He suggests that the responsible institutions undertake a robust study on the illegal large-scale logging currently taking place across the country.

The activist mentioned that Kajo-Keji County and some parts of western Equatoria State are prone to the practices of illicit logging that are likely to endanger the environment.

“As I have mentioned Kajo-Keji and also Lainya in terms of tick, this is having huge climate implications,” CEPO’s boss decried.

President Salva Kiir, during his presentation at the recent COP 28 climate summit, expressed commitment to prioritise and join the world in the fight against the environment and climate change.

Yakani, however, expressed worries that instead, activities that endanger the environment, risking the country very negatively, are undertaken under the watch of the very government.

He also mentioned the return of cattle to farming regions as a looming situation that may spark conflict among the two: pastoralists and agriculturalists.

“We have also seen a serious migration of cattle back to Kajo-Keji County and some parts of Equatoria where it violates the president’s order for the return of the cattle,” Yakani noted.

“We are worried that if we don’t address climate change-related issues, our communities may have other factors of armed deadly violence,” he added.

Central Equatoria State Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony issued an order in 2022 to stop the illegal practice of tree logging in Kajo Keji County, but there has been no implementation of that order.

Meanwhile in Mundri West County, the Commissioner trashed a petition issued by a section of youth to the local government in Western Equatoria State, calling for her removal over an alleged random cutting of trees, among others

The youth, in their petition, cited the misuse of natural resources in Mundri West County by the Commissioner and her Executive Director, Mr. Al Wsila Angotowa Alibey.

However, Juba County Commissioner feels threatened by a renewed invasion by cattle herders into the geographical area of his jurisdiction, which is a cause of environmental degradation.

Eng. Charles Joseph blames some chiefs of conspiring to allow return of cattle herders who were forcefully driven out to return to Juba.



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