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Over 300 delegates expected for Juba Economic Forum

By Gladys Fred Kole


Central Equatoria Business Union (CESBU) is expecting over 300 delegates across the world for its 2nd edition of the Juba Economic Forum next week.

Yesterday, the CEBU leadership briefed State Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony on the progress attained ahead of the 2nd edition of the Economic Forum.

The union’s leadership informed Governor Adil of the level of progress attained ahead of the event, which is scheduled to kick off from the 26th to the 28th of February 2024 in the capital, Juba.

Mr. Thomas Muto Lo’budo, the coordinator of the forum, confirmed to the press after the meeting with the CES governor the union’s readiness to conduct this noble forum in a very timely manner as delegates have started confirming their due participation.

“We are expecting delegates from within Africa, outside Africa, as well as from Asia; we are expecting over 300 delegates across the world who will visit Juba,” said Coordinator Muto

He stated that the governor of Central Equatoria State has pledged his support to this cause.

Mr. Muto also confirmed that their discussions revolved around exploring investment opportunities within the “Juba Special Economic Zone” by tapping into the untapped potential.

The over 300 participants that are expected to be drawn by the forum are expected to be gauged on fundamental discussions surrounding robust ways to revive the country’s economy, according to Muto.

For his part, the governor, Emmanuel Adil Anthony, reiterated his administration’s commitment to supporting the union in all ways possible to see to it that the forum yields its intended objectives.

The Juba Economic Forum is an initiative of business unions that aims to improve economic development and prosperity in Central Equatoria State and the entire country.

Last year, the Central Equatoria Business Union hosted its first-ever edition of the Juba Economic Forum to promote business innovations in the city, which was officially launched by the vice president of the economic cluster, Dr. James Wani Igga.



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