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A 10-year-old pupil dies in school dormitory

By Ijoo Bosco


A 10-year-old pupil, identified as Stephen Awat, was found dead in the dormitory of the Covenant Christian Kindergarten and Primary School in Magwi County, Eastern Equatoria State on Wednesday.

According to the school’s head teacher, Nelson Mandela, the boy had earlier reported to his elder brother experiencing complications while using the restroom.

Mr. Mandela stated that the cause of death remains unclear, but the deceased body was taken to the Magwi Primary Health Care Unit for examination.

The school headteacher explained that after returning from the restroom, Stephen went to bed in the dormitory with his classmates. But he was later discovered deceased in the morning.

The school administration expressed shock and sadness at the student’s passing.

“We were deeply saddened to learn of the sudden death of our student,” Mandela the school head expressed their sorrow.

“We immediately took him for further medical examination, but unfortunately, he was found dead in his dormitory bed,” he noted

Magwi County Police Inspector Colonel Paulino Loketelyaha confirmed the incident and criticized the school administration for failing to adequately monitor and follow up on sick students.

He stated that police are investigating the matter and the body will be transported to Juba for burial.

“We have formed a team and launched an investigation to determine the cause of the student’s death,” Colonel Loketelyaha said.

Amal Jane, a civil society activist in Eastern Equatoria State, condemned the incident and called for accountability from the school administration.

“We urge the government to hold the school accountable for this tragedy,” she emphasized.

Jane further stressed the importance of employing matrons in boarding schools to provide proper supervision and care for students.

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