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Sunday night incident where fire broke out at Giada army barrack ammunition depot is an earlier warning indicator for reorganization and establishment of military installation away from the civil population.

Civilians who have settled around Giada military barracks should not wait for somebody to come and inform them but just relocate to other places after an experience of a nasty nightmare.

Al-Giada could be one example where the civil population is mixed up with the military, whereas a similar scenario exists in the states, which all need to be adjusted to mitigate unfortunate incidences.

Distancing the army from the masses is not the only measure that calls for consideration but also keeping safe the family of the gallants in uniform, from the military hardware.

National Parliament should empower the Ministry of Defense and Veterans Affairs to secure land for military establishments in the states. In such establishments, the defense can set up barracks, social amenities for both the army and their families.

Of course, this time the hardware installation won’t be mixed up like what we see in Al-Giada and those others but be located far from human settlement.

The schools, health facilities and sports fields in military establishments and possibly a fair price shop for the army and their families, could also benefit the community, which must be at a far distance, while training grounds, airbases and shooting range are only limited to the forces.

All these might not be applicable at the moment but the ground plans must be set to avoid issues of conflict with community over land. The defense needs to secure the land now as it embarks on its use with time.

Our military needs honour and this is only when the army and families settle at an established location with all the amenities in place.

Earlier the better.


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