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Police investigates mysterious Torit death

By Ijoo Bosco


Authorities in Torit town, Eastern Equatoria State are investigating the death of 50-year-old only identified as Angelo.

The deceased body was found near a bridge along Juba-Torit Road on Sunday morning. The cause of death remains unclear.

Mustafa Albino, the Torit town mayor, stated that Angelo’s body bore bruises on the head and arms, suggesting foul play. However, the possibility of suicide is being ruled out.

Angelo had been missing for four days before his body was discovered.

Mayor Albino urged the public to report missing persons immediately to police authorities to facilitate timely search efforts.

He expressed concern about the delay in reporting Angelo’s disappearance, which hindered initial search efforts.

“We were called after four days,” Albino said.

“The family reported that Angelo went to his farm and never returned. They found his body hanging from a tree near the Juba-Torit Bridge. We searched the area at night but couldn’t locate him. The body was found the following morning” he narrated.

The body was taken to the state civil hospital and later released to the family for burial.

Urging Public Cooperation.

Mr. Albino emphasized the importance of immediate reporting of missing persons. He advised the public to contact the police without delay to facilitate search efforts and prevent similar delays in the future.

“If someone goes missing, even for a day, please report it to the police,” Albino said. “Don’t wait for days. The police need to be aware so they can initiate a search. We’ve had cases of missing children who weren’t reported for weeks. In one instance, a young girl was found in a suspected area, and only then did her father report her missing after three months.”

Albino assured the public that the government, in collaboration with security personnel, is actively investigating Angelo’s death.

He emphasized their commitment to apprehending the perpetrators and bringing them to justice.

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