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Budi launches Back to school campaign

By Jino Wilson


Budi county government in partnership Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) South Sudan launched a “back to school” campaign with the aim of at increasing the enrolment of children to school regardless of their status.

Patrick Nyamara Odengo, head of the Together for Inclusive (TOFI) Project, while speaking at the event emphasized the campaign’s importance, stating the it plays a crucial role in ensuring a successful start to the academic year.

“It’s not just about promotions; it’s about creating a positive and engaging environment for everyone involved,” he said.

Odengo stressed the campaign’s message of inclusivity.

“We don’t want to see parents sending only some children to school based on gender or ability. Education is a right for every child,” he said.

ADRA-South Sudan is supporting the government’s efforts to increase school enrollment, according to Odengo.

“ADRA is committed to working with the government to fill any gaps,” he said, urging parents “to teach their children Godly ways.”

Mr. Opika Joseph Opika, County Education Director, urged residents to prioritize education.

“To fight illiteracy, we need to invest in our children’s education. Without it, we will remain backward, but with it, we can have a brighter future and a peaceful county,” Opika said.

He also challenged teachers to improve student performance and applauded ADRA for supporting their training.

Francis Lochauro, representing partners in the campaign, highlighted its awareness-raising goals.

“This campaign aims to mobilize learners and parents to understand the importance of school,” Lochauro said.

“As parents, this day is significant because we encourage students to stay in school longer.”

Lochauro urged caregivers to invest in their children’s education, calling it the key to our future success.

“We must invest in education for our children,” he said. “It’s the engine of social mobility and a pathway to better opportunities.”

The campaign drew the participation of government officials, NGOs, chiefs, community leaders, and youth representatives.

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