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Women assaulted; belongings robbed in Budi County

By Ijoo Bosco


At least two women were assaulted and robbed while collecting firewood and wild fruits near the Budi- Kapoeta North border, Eastern Equatoria State.

According to a community leader, the incident occurred over the weekend while the women from Budi County were fetching firewood, vegetables, and wild fruits.

Deputy Chairperson of Larim community, Joseph Kimilio Napengiro alleged that the women were assaulted and stripped of all their belongings including clothes.

“It was in the border of Kapoeta North, they went to collect firewood and wild fruits because of hunger, and the people came and got them there, and started threatening these women beating them badly, they took all their clothing, beads, pangas plus all their belonging, they returned back weak” he narrated.

Napengiro claimed the attackers were from Rwoto, a neighbouring Kapoeta North County, who also stole seven cattle.

He urged authorities to investigate the incident.

“They (attackers) beat them all only the old ones are the ones left unbeaten, those are the Toposa from the kraal in Kapoeta North they also stole seven cattle this was at mid-day,” the Larim community deputy chairman added.

He also stated that the victims were rushed to the Kimotong Primary Health Care Unit for medical attention.

In a rebuttal, Kapoeta North County Commissioner, Emmanuel Epone Lolimo denied the allegations of rape.

However, he acknowledged that his youth confronted the women and took their belongings but denied any assault.

The Commissioner further accused the Buya community of initially raiding calves from Kapoeta North, prompting the Rwoto youth to retaliate by taking the women’s possessions.

Jeff Longoria, a lawmaker in Eastern Equatoria state Assembly under South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) ticket, condemned the incident.

“We really condemned such kind of hazardous and harmful attitudes from some individual,” he said.

He urged the government to investigate and hold the perpetrators accountable.

“We need at least the government to make a follow up where necessary at least take action against what so ever that comes out from the community,” the MP stressed.

The area MP also called on communities to refrain from harboring criminals and to report them to the authorities.

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