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Songs sung, poems recited, opinion letters published, talk shows and conferences held yet the economy keeps dwindling, who can salvage the situation?

At precarious point, many direct fingers at the government, yet the solution takes democratic angle of the majority, in this case, it is you, the choice of the three fingers.

The US Dollar is neither the problem nor the solution to our economic crisis, but lack of domestic production, basically of food and other needs comes secondary.

How much food produce comes to the capital city from the ten states? How much food produce comes from the counties to the state capitals? How much food do we produce in the rural area and what surplus is there for the market?

These are pertinent questions that citizen needs to ask before pointing fingers at external factors.  Those other contributors cropped in after every individual failed to act positively to remedy the calamity.

Key underlying factor to the current economic predicament is insecurity which has impended production in the rural areas and the actors of this are the citizens in possession of illegal firearms.

Communal conflicts by non-government armed groups render majority of the country insecure to economic activities. They must cease their games of attacks, to end our troubles at the face of the high demands for the US dollar.

Not all our roads are accessible for movement of goods and services as a result of attacks by those in illegal possession of guns. These are not government forces but civilians, who attract economic decline to the country, not the ministers.

A country is like a tree, its huge top survives on the smaller roots that transfer water and nutrients. Leaders gain strength from citizens who contribute through taxes and services for the well-being of a nation. What part does each one of us play?

Citizens must stop violence, embrace peace and participate in gainful activities for the economy to stabilize.


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