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Leaders raise plight of street children

By Gladys Fred Kole


There is need to focus on the plights of children without homes, in dire need of support and rehabilitation.

Speaker of Central Equatoria State Women Unions, Veronica Juan raises an appeal, on behalf of vulnerable children in the country.

Directing her concerns to the government and women in prominent positions to prominent figures, Juan said the escalating issue of street children should be addressed.

In recognition of International Women’s Day, Veronica noted that the core driving forces behind the abandonment of children needs argent solution.

“What is our problem as a country that our children are on the streets. All of us in the 10 states, let’s not allow children out. They are our future,” Veronica stressed.

She called upon all citizens across the ten states to join forces and ensure that no child is left to roam the streets, as they represent the future of South Sudan.

In her appeal to the First Lady, Veronica requested that Mrs. Mary Ayen Mayardit take the lead in addressing this pressing issue by visiting the locations where vulnerable children are found.

She urged the First Lady to rally the support of the nation, stating that the women of South Sudan stand firmly behind her as she plays a crucial role in ensuring the security and prosperity of the country.

“Let this message reach the first lady let her come out we are standing behind you, you are our security, our mother, we shall stand together and all go to all the ten states and see the situation and suffering of the women down there,” Veronica explained.

Veronica also proposed tangible solutions to alleviate the hardships faced by these children and their families.

She suggested the establishment of factories that could provide employment opportunities for women, particularly those who have lost their husbands during the conflict.

Addressing Vice President Mama Rebecca, the women leader expressed gratitude for her contributions to the nation’s progress.

She urged the Vice President to consider establishing factories, such as for milk and fish production.

According to Veronica, this would utilize the country’s resources and provide sustainable income for the affected families.

“We are crying in our offices but as our mothers you have a voice and we stand behind you before elections come let’s clean these streets let’s take these children inside homes. Citing that no woman can sleep peacefully when the child is out on the streets.”

In her call to CES Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony, she urges him to play an active role in resolving menace within the State.

She emphasized that as a father figure and leader in the region, his intervention and support are crucial in collecting these children from areas like Khor William and Gumbo.

Veronica extended an invitation for Governor Adil to join the Union in their efforts to clean the streets and provide a brighter future for these children under his governance.



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