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Lobong despises controversial Comedian’s Video

By Ijoo Bosco


Eastern Equatoria State has described a comedy video titled “Gospel of the Truth” by comedian Feel Free allegedly targeting Governor Louis Lobong Lojore, as false.

In a video posted on social media platforms, Comedian Feel Free claimed Lobong was exploiting the state’s gold resources with several companies in Greater Kapoeta. He claimed Lobong allegedly pockets the money without accountability.

He also raised concerns about Lobong’s long tenure in office, a position he held since 2010 election, questioning why the governor has not been replaced.

Mr. Feel Free criticized the matter of badly maintained roads in Torit town, as well as the route connecting several counties including Lafon, Magwi, and Ikwoto counties.

The latest edition of Mr. Feel Free’s publication has gained attention, with many claiming that the truth has been revealed by the comedian.

In rebuttal, Oringa John Godfrey the press secretary for the governor, called the five-and-a-half-minute video “assassination of character” aimed at Governor Louis Lobong Lojore.

“It’s politically motivated to tarnish the name of the leadership” Mr. Godfrey stated,

He emphasized that Governor Lojore was democratically elected in 2010 and has brought peace and stability to the state’s eight counties.

Lojore’s mouthpiece further claimed the governor has the capacity to perform his duty diligently and delivers services “without segregation.”

Warning to Comedian

Mr. Godfrey warned Comedian Feel Free about targeting the governor’s leadership, reminding him that the governor was elected and not appointed.

He urged the comedian to come out clearly with his concerns and avoid “social media propaganda.”

Mr. Godfrey also appealed to Feel Free and others to engage in open dialogue with the state leadership.

“Leaders are here to listen,” he stated, emphasizing the governor’s open-door policy.

Mr. Godfrey criticized the use of social media to spread negativity. He urged people to approach leaders directly instead of resorting to “causing violence on social media” and using “vulgar words.”

Lojore press secretary concluded by urging members of the public to use social media responsibly and avoid promoting violence or tribalism.

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