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Magwi Police alarmed over scramble for women

By Ijoo Bosco


Magwi county police raise concern at the rate men compete for women with aggression, in the county.

Police crime officer reveals that 75 % of violence among men in the community is as a result of scramble over women.

Crime officer, 1st Lt Atanga David Ogeno says that most cases of violence spark off at funeral places, football grounds, schools and churches, with root causes being scramble for women.

According to him, such incidences come as after excessive alcohol consumption among youth within community.

Atanga advises that issues of rivalry over a woman should be handle at community levels than leaving it unattended to, and erupt into open aggression.

He further suggests that a woman who realizes that individuals are creating violence over her, she should decide to abandon the place.

The police crime officer also cautions young people against fighting under the influence of alcohol, saying they should rather approach the ladies smartly and avoid fights.

He also urges students to avoid fighting over girls schools.

“There are students who fight as they struggle drawing a lady closer to them. Such habits should not exist at learning centers” he stresses.

The police crime officer, calls for restraint of students from taking alcohol during school time since it might change their understanding.

“That may become a task of war during learning” he adds.

He appeals to parents to study the character of their children before sending them to school as it will help in disciplining the leraners.

Atanga also calls on parents to counsel their children and guide them, as a path way to their future.


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