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Lobong directs leaders to avail farm land

By Ijoo Bosco


Eastern Equatoria state has issued a directive to the authorities in Torit County to provide land for citizens to cultivate and combat the looming hunger.

Governor Louis Lobong Lojore appealed to indigenous of Torit County in neighbouring villages to allocate land for metropolitan communities to grow food.

In a public address, Governor Lobong assured the community that the land requested for cultivation would not be permanently taken away, emphasizing that individuals would only use the land to grow food for personal consumption.

“Please give land for citizens to cultivate. They will not take your land. They will cultivate and take only their produce. Anybody within the town here, let him go and cultivate,” he said.

He called upon the commissioner of Torit County and the Torit municipal mayor to engage the traditional authorities in the area to ensure that land is made available for people to cultivate.

Governor Lobong emphasized the importance of cooperation and working together to foster peace and development within Torit County.

He assured the community that the land allocated for cultivation would solely serve the purpose of supporting and sustaining the population, especially those facing difficulties in accessing land for farming.

Acknowledging the government’s efforts to alleviate hardships, Governor Lobong promises to provide subsidized food and fuel to the citizens.

However, he said these measures might not be sufficient to meet the needs of everyone.

He stressed that farming is a crucial solution to address food scarcity and urged the community to embrace a culture of farming and collaboration.

Governor Lobong’s directive aims to alleviate the impact of economic challenges and ensure the availability of food resources for the community.


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