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South Sudanese citizens fighting in Sudan, on their own-Gov’t

By Charles K Mark


South Sudan government disregards its individual citizens joining fighting Sudan war alongside the Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

National information minister, Michael Makuei Lueth told the media on Friday, during press briefing that those who involved in Sudan war are there on their own.

Makuei was responding to media query on reports that some South Sudanese citizens were cited fighting in Sudan alongside the Rapid Support Forces.

The minister referred to them as “disgruntled individuals who have rebelled against the government and sought their own paths”.

“It is not our duty because these people are not under our control, these are portion seekers. Because these days we have quite a number of mercenaries,” Makuei said.

He said Sudan has the right to deal with any criminals according to its own laws, without interference from external parties.

“We cannot go in to protect them because we did not instruct them to act like that,” he said.

Makuei expressed confidence that the situation would not lead to a diplomatic rift between the two countries.

“There are Sudanese here, if any of them commits an offence, will the Sudan government ask us “why are you arresting our people?’ This will cause any diplomatic roar unless people want to cause but that is not an excuse.”

In the past, both South Sudan and Sudan have engaged in a blame game, with each country accusing the other of supporting rebel groups.

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