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Wildfires rages havoc in Magwi

By Ijoo Bosco


A devastating fire wreaked havoc in Palwar village, Magwi County engulfing 34 grass-thatched houses and destroying 48 individual farmlands.

Mr. James Olaa Abora, the Chief of Palwar explained that the incident occurred between February and March. Unintended fires ravaged 14 peanut farmlands, 20 sorghum fields, and 34 houses.

It remains unclear whether firefighters attempted to extinguish the flames in any of the plantations.

He attributed most of the fires to elderly people who were preparing their lands for farming.

Although their intentions were innocent, the fires sometimes spread to neighbouring farmlands, resulting in widespread devastation.

The affected community members, whose farms were burned down, are currently receiving support from their relatives in terms of food items.

However, Mr. Abora is appealing to well-wishers and NGOs to intervene and assist the strained community of Palwar.

He emphasized that the people of Palwar Payam heavily rely on agricultural produce to sustain their families. Therefore, the destruction of their farmlands has had a severe impact on their livelihoods.

Magwi County Office of the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission is yet to respond.


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