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Abyei appeals for aid

By Hou Akot Hou


Chairperson of the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) in Abyei is calling on international partners to provide urgent assistance to address the dire conditions faced by returnees and refugees in the region.

Ajak Deng said there is a need for increased efforts from humanitarian organizations to support the influx of people who have fled from conflict-ridden states in Sudan.

“Some are still coming through the entry points of Amiet and some from Wau as they were repatriated through Renk. There are even Darfurians and UNHCR put them at the camp and will be taken to Wadwill refugee camp according to the plan of UNHCR,” he stated.

“The number is huge we are having about 25,000 returnees and refugees now living in squalid and makeshift shelters,” Deng emphasized.

While some have integrated into the community, the majority face significant challenges, exacerbated by poor harvests and food insecurity.

Ajak acknowledges the efforts made by the Abyei administrative area government to assist the returnees but emphasizes the need for additional support, particularly from the international community, given the ongoing crisis in Sudan.

“We are appealing for support as we don’t know when the Crisis of Sudan will stop so we are appealing to kind-hearted individuals more especially the international community to support these returnees as their conditions are catastrophic especially food insecurity.”

Deng highlights that there is relative tranquillity in the region, despite isolated conflicts that occurred in February between the Twic and suspected individuals from Unity State.


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