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CES opens new abattoir

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto


Central Equatoria State Ministry of Animal Resources, Fisheries and Tourism and in partnership with the private firm Zabad for Trading and Investment Company Ltd inaugurated a new abattoir in Juba’s Gumbo-Shirkat area.

The inauguration ceremony was held on Wednesday, under the theme “Clean meat, healthy people.”

Speaking during the official opening of the slaughterhouse, the chairman of the steering Committee Central Equatoria State, James Martin Alison appealed to the State Ministry of Animal Resources, to work together with the butcher Union to ensure the best services are delivered to the people.

“We need coordination between the Ministry of Animal Resources and the butcher union because, without these, we can’t achieve anything,’’ he said.

Alison also appealed to business partners to have legal operation of their butchers by registering it with the union.

He revealed that only 125 butchers have submitted their business names in the union’s office.

“Butcher plays a big role in the country, we urge those who are operating illegally to register with the union,’’ he said.

The manager of Zabad Company, Osam Eldin said the objective of the slaughterhouse is to guarantee the safety of meat in which meat inspection represents an essential tool to control animal diseases and guarantee public health.

“We need clean meat for our people, this house will actually provide the clean meat,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Specialized Committee for Natural Resources, State Transitional Legislative Assembly (RSS), Gaitano Lado Loggale appealed to the Zabad company to construct more slaughtering houses to avoid illegal and unhealthy slaughtering of cows in the streets.

He stated that lands can be allocated if such positive ideas knock their offices.

“I want to tell the Zabad company to continue with the great work, we can even allocate lands in Lado Payam if they come with their ideas,’’ he said.

Gaitano also appealed to the citizens to be conscious of meat slaughtered in the streets and unknown areas.

The Central Equatoria State minister for Animal Resources, Fisheries and Tourism, Alex Lotiyu Elia ordered Butcher Union and state Authorities to take immediate action to those who operate illegally and slaughter their meat along roadsides and other hidden places.

He vowed that any butcher who did not meet the standard of the authority would be shut down.

“We are going to carry serious inspection and anyone who operates with his or her standard will definitely be shut down and this will start even tomorrow because we now have the slaughterhouse,’’ he said.

The state minister appealed for total hygiene around the slaughter area noting that for people to get clean meat the environment has to be clean as well.

The Minister believes that the facility will provide clean and healthy meat to the city residents.

The slaughter house which was launched yesterday can accommodate about 200 cows at a go.

This is the second launch of such a big slaughterhouse after the one in Gudele.



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