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Jebel Ladu land saga persists

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto


Central Equatoria State government has demolished structures erected in illegally demarcated land in Jebel Ladu Payam of Juba County, in a fight against grabbers.

Seven of the land grabbers who appeared on Thursday, during the demolition process were immediately arrested and taken to the Gudele police station

The land suspected grabbers had demarcated over 20 square kilometers of land in the area.

Juba County Commissioner, Charles Joseph Wani schedule from Friday, March 22, 2024, to revert the land to the rightful owners.

Wani vowed to continue working for the interests of the citizens, noting that those who illegally acquired the land would have to return it to their rightful owners.

“We have started this work with the official demolition of illegally demarcated lands, and after this, the lands will be given back to their owners, ’he said.

He revealed that the land, which can accommodate over 5,000 people, will be given back to their rightful owners after they show their valid papers.

The commissioner assured the citizens that safety is guaranteed and security will be provided with the help of security authorities.

He condemned any criminal activity that may arise in the process of giving out the lands to their rightful owners.

“We can’t allow any perpetrator to do his or her interest; we condemn any criminal activity in this area,’’ he added.

Philip Kenyi, a boma chief, applauded Central Equatoria State authority and the security personnel for their tireless effort to see the rightful owners get justice.

“I am very happy for what is happening; my people have suffered at the hands of these land grabbers; at least today justice has revealed itself,’’ he said.

Fred Laku, the Central Equatoria state minister of land and public utilities, urged South Sudanese to use the right channels in acquiring land in the country.

He said authorities will always respond to individuals who want to acquire land legally.

“My dear South Sudanese, let’s not be deceived by the wrong people in the name of getting land,’’ he cautioned.

“If you want a land, follow the right channel,’’ he added.

Emmanul Laku Sule, the chairman of the Juba County Youth Association, urged youths not to be used by individuals to grab land.

He appealed to youths to be productive and peace ambassadors.

“Don’t be used for the destruction of this government; instead, we need to support the government to preach peace,’’ he said.

Keji Anna, a resident of Hai Molobur, said she was forcefully chased by the land grabbers two months ago and became an IDP in Juba Town.

She applauded the state authorities for their great work.

“These land grabbers chased me and even destroyed my properties until I had to seek refuge in Juba town,’’ she expressed.

Community leaders in Central Equatoria State have repeatedly complained about land grabbing and recently accused some internally displaced persons who fled from their homes.

Last month, over 40 suspected land grabbers were arrested in the same area, 35 were charged, and others were fined by the high court in Gudele.


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