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In any country, empowering women is not merely a choice but a vital step towards progress and transformation.

The impact of empowered women resonates not only within their communities but also throughout the entire world. Women possess the ability to envision and implement significant changes that bring about peace and development. South Sudan, like many nations, requires the active participation of empowered young women in all sectors for effective nation-building.

To truly promote gender equity and improve the well-being of women across the country, intensified efforts are needed. Addressing pressing challenges such as gender inequity, poverty, weak economic capacity, and sexual and gender-based violence is crucial in creating a healthier and more equitable future. South Sudan should prioritize the empowerment of young women, enabling them to represent and advocate for their fellow citizens.

It is essential to recognize the potential of women who harbor hope and determination to effect change within their chosen fields. These women are the driving force behind positive actions taken to address various issues across different sectors. They are at the forefront of the battle for gender equity in the country. Several national organizations and companies, led by young women, exemplify this spirit. One such organization is the One Citizen Network for Democracy, which operates without current funding yet continues to make significant contributions to communities. Other women-led organizations, such as Eve Organization and Women for Change, hold immense potential to bring about positive change within the country.

These remarkable individuals possess a resolute mindset, capable of transforming their communities and inspiring others to follow suit. If 60% of women in South Sudan are empowered across different sectors, the result would be a country at peace. For instance, if a woman were appointed as the Finance Minister, the economic crisis would not have escalated to such a degree, making it easier to control.

I appeal to the government and international organizations to lend their support to these young women who are driving change in their communities. Empowering them is an investment in the future of South Sudan, as they play a significant role in nation-building.

God Bless South Sudan

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