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CES officials take oath

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto


Central Equatoria’s newly appointed state officials took their oath of office in a ceremony held on Monday.

Led by Emmanuel Tet Ezbon, the newly appointed Commissioner of Juba County, the officials were urged to prioritize peace, unity, and service to the people.

Commissioner Ezbon, hailing from the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SOA), expressed his gratitude to the former Commissioner, Charles Joseph Wani, for his dedicated service to the state.

“Leaders come and leaders go, I have to begin where he (former commissioner) stops,” he said.

In his address, Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony stressed the importance of delivering essential services to the grassroots level and maintaining law and order in the state.

“You have been appointed because of trust, so your major focus should be service delivery for your people,’’ he said.

He further urged the officials to transcend political affiliations and work for the collective benefit of all citizens.

“When it comes to work, we don’t encourage people to bring party issues but work for people,’’ he said.

“We need you my brothers to put in your minds that there is a need for stabilization of security in all the payams and bomas, and i also expect you to deliver services,”Adil added.

Governor Anthony also directed his attention to the issue of land grabbing, a persistent challenge in the state.

He urged Commissioner Ezbon and the entire leadership to address this matter with utmost professionalism.

“We all know the issue of land grabbers has been the major issue in the State so tackle it professionally,’’ he urged.

Joseph Wani, the former Commissioner of Juba County, expressed his unwavering commitment to collaborating with the newly sworn-in Commissioner for the betterment of the country.

“I will always work with you during your administration because I love working for my people,’’ he said.

Leon Abe Brown, the State Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agency, stressed the significance of unity among leaders and citizens.

“What i just need is unity to make my work easy because without unity it will be hard to work alone,’’ he said.

Francis Mathew Sowka, the Deputy Chairperson of the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission, commended the State Governor’s administration and called for continued cooperation among all stakeholders.

Majur Pach, a resident of Konyo Konyo. Pach called upon the new leaders to serve all 64 tribes of South Sudan.


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