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Lobong directs commissioners to promote agriculture

By Ijoo Bosco


Governor Louis Lobong Lojore of Eastern Equatoria state has directed newly sworn-in county commissioners to focus on educating citizens about the benefits of agriculture.

Governor Lobong urged the commissioners to actively engage and educate their communities on ways to enhance their livelihoods.

Recognizing the prevailing economic challenges, Governor Lobong stressed that the issue of the weakening South Sudanese pound against the dollar cannot be resolved unless agricultural production is increased.

Lobong emphasized the need for extensive awareness campaigns at the grassroots level to empower communities and mitigate the ongoing economic crisis.

He spoke during the swearing-in ceremony of two SPLM County Chairpersons and the Administrative Area of Imehejek.

The governor further encouraged them to undertake the task of enlightening and educating the people on how to improve their livelihoods and contribute to the country’s economy.

“You are with the people you are at the grassroots; you go and mobilize the people because the medicine for the dollar to come down its cultivation,” he said.

By producing an ample food supply, the citizens can effectively address the issue of the dollar and its impact on the economy.

The Magwi county commissioner expressed gratitude for the state authority’s concern in promoting education and encouraging citizens to engage in agriculture as a means of managing the current economic crisis.

Mr. Pole Benjamin assured the state authorities of his cooperation and commitment to working together to fulfil the objectives of the Eastern Equatoria government.

Furthermore, Commissioner Benjamin pledged to prioritize maintaining security as a fundamental duty to motivate citizens to achieve prosperous agricultural yields for their livelihoods and commercial needs.

“We will ensure to work tirelessly to support the government of Eastern Equatoria state to support the government of our respective counties to support the people of Eastern Equatoria state improving the security,” he added.

Benjamin also assured his commitment to collaborating with the police to enforce the rule of law across the counties and emphasized the importance of citizens’ respect for the rule of law.

He promised to work closely with county authorities to effectively manage government and community resources at the local level, ensuring minimal interference.


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