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Gov’t, Church embarks on peace, reconciliation

By Kidega Livingstone


Government of Central Equatoria State and Episcopal Church of South Sudan (ECSS) embarked on sensitizing the local population in Kajo-Keji on the implementation of revitalised agreements and reconciliation among the communities.

At the onset of the 2016 conflict, the majority of the people from Central Equatoria State fled their homeland to the neighboring countries of Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Kenya for refuge.

The Archbishop of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, Central Equatoria Internal Province, Dr. Paul Benjamin Pitia Yugusuk, went to Kajo-Keji for a church peace mission along with the state government.

Archbishop Yugusuk said the relocation of the Episcopal Diocese of Liwolo from Uganda to its original headquarters in Kajo-Keji’s Liwolo Payam was a sign of peace in the area.

He described the return of the people and diocese as “total peace and stability” in the area.

He called on faith-based organizations and churches, as well as the government, to restore trust and confidence among the returnees so that they would be able to participate in a general election in December 2024.

“All that has happened during the conflict, leave it behind. You are alive, and you are still breathing. Let’s start a new life. You have been arrested, tortured, and intimidated, or your relative has been killed. Leave it behind. Peace be with you,” Archbishop Yugusuk preached to a congregation during the Easter celebration in Liwolo ECSS Dioceses on Monday.

In his part, the Bishop of Liwolo Dioceses, Joseph Abba, said the churches are committed to working for peace and reconciliation in the communities, not only in Kajo-Kejo but in the entire counties in the state.

“The vision of this church is very clear: love, integrity, social justice, selfless service, and accountability. As we have been suffering from war,” Abba continued. “We are committed to working for peace and reconciliation in our communities,” he said.

The Governor of Central Equatoria State, Emmanuel Adill Anthony, admitted that the state government and churches are jointly working for peace.

He revealed his administration’s commitment through the reinforcement of the security forces for the immediate return of the refugees to their respective places of origin soon to allow the locals to embark on agriculture ahead of the rainy season.

“Now you have returned home because of peace. As the government, we are very happy for the decision you made to return home. We know the challenges you are facing in Uganda. We are working together with churches for peace,” the governor stated.

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