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Warriors abandon raiding for peace

By Jino Wilson Vinansio


Budi and Ikotos Counties in Eastern Equatoria State witnessed a remarkable event as two influential warriors, publicly denounced cattle raiding.

Mr. Cypriano Lorwagira and Martin Komol, announced their commitment to refrain from participating in cattle raiding activities and embrace peaceful coexistence.

The two warriors have been involved in devastating cattle raids in recent years, resulting in the loss of numerous young lives across Kidepo Valley counties.

Holding Bibles firmly in their hands amidst a large crowd, both warriors expressed their determination to never again engage in cattle raids or any other form of violence.

Mr. Cypriano Lorwagira shared his personal transformation.

“I once led a group of 28 Youths and I have been committing serious atrocities and most of my colleagues have been killed till I am the only one left. What struck me most was when a group of women most of whom were widows whose husbands were killed in cattle raids and some of them were my friends indeed,” he said.

“The woman gave me a drink and later told me that they have no one to give them children. So they asked me to sleep with each of them since I have been a friend to their late husbands. This was a turning point in my life. And as I hold this Bible I will not commit these crimes again.”

A women’s peace caravan at Lotome Ikotos County pronounced curses akin to those uttered by the Israelites at Mount Ebal during Moses’ time, delivering a grave warning to warriors involved in cattle raids, road ambushes, and other criminal activities throughout Kidepo Valley.

Adorned with white ribbons, locally known as “laus,” the peaceful procession proceeded in an orderly manner, invoking the names of God and ancestors to bring retribution upon all perpetrators of violence.

The event culminated in a purification ceremony, a cleansing ritual, and the blessing of the resolutions adopted during the peace dialogue.

Prior to endorsing the final draft of the peace resolutions, the State Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement, Mr. Peter Lokeng Lotone, issued a stern warning that anyone found perpetrating violence in the future would face legal consequences.

On his part, Mr. Komol also echoed the call for an end to persistent violence and cattle theft across Kidepo counties.

Let us stop cattle raiding and we should all embrace peace and development. I haven’t seen any benefit from cattle theft in spite of i having been engaged in this practice for quite a long time and I have seen there is no gain.” Said Komol.

The public declaration by these two prominent warriors marks a significant step towards a more peaceful and prosperous future in the region, setting an example for others to follow in abandoning violence and embracing harmonious coexistence.


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