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City Council cracks down on garbage violations

By Kidega Livingstone


Juba City Council (JCC) has issued a stern warning to residents residing near main roads and street vendors selling fruits along the city’s streets, urging them to refrain from littering the streets with garbage.

The council expressed concern over the increasing number of violations in recent times.

Last month, Mayor Flora Gabriel Modi of Juba City Council issued a local order prohibiting residents and street vendors from littering the environment.

However, despite these efforts, the council has observed a persistent disregard for the order.

During a recent market inspection, Mogga Franco Wani, 1st Deputy Mayor for Finance and Administration, stressed the importance of maintaining a clean city and reiterated the council’s commitment to enforcing the local order.

He expressed disappointment at the continued violations, saying, “We have been urging our people, including our business community and those in the residential area, that the issue of cleaning must be taken seriously, but people continue to violate in the places that we have just visited,” Mogga observed.

Wani warned that the council would now take a stricter stance on violators and initiate legal action against them.

He also highlighted the existence of designated areas for waste disposal, where a specialized company is responsible for garbage collection.

“We want to tell them that we have designated areas and that there is a company constructed for collecting garbage in those areas,” he alerted.

The council has noted that vendors in Munuki, Konyokonyo, and Customs Markets have taken matters into their own hands by flouting the order and returning to sell their goods on the streets.

Wani emphasized that the council would address the issue of continued littering and would not hesitate to enforce penalties outlined in the local order.

Although the deputy mayor did not provide specific details regarding the penalties, he assured the public that the council would maintain records of violators for appropriate action.

He further urged residents and vendors to dispose of their waste at designated garbage collection points along the roadside, where JCC and company trucks would collect it.


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