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FAO, gov’t launch seed distribution in Torit

By Ijoo Bosco


In a joint effort, Eastern Equatoria state government and United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO) launched seed distribution program in Torit town on Tuesday.

The initiative aims at supporting agricultural activities during the main planting season, to benefit about 49,230 households in Torit town and its suburbs.

During the launch event, seeds were distributed to 100 farmers in the main town, including sorghum, cowpeas, groundnuts, and rice, as well as assorted vegetable seeds like tomatoes, eggplants, and okra.

Albino Silvester, a representative from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, emphasized that the launch was intended to mobilize and raise awareness among all communities in the state about the advantages of farming during this season.

Silvester further stated that following the launch in Torit, the agricultural partners would take the lead in distributing the seeds to the remaining counties in Eastern Equatoria.

Expressing gratitude to the UNFAO partners, Mr. Ochola Bosco, the State Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Environment, commended their support to the state communities.

He acknowledged the significance of the assistance in distributing and encouraging farmers to utilize the available seeds, particularly in hard-to-reach areas, as a means to alleviate hunger in the state.

“We acknowledge the great support to our communities in the state, thanks a lot for standing with us and our grassroots citizens, am very sure you came at a rightful time of cultivation by this we shall truly join hands to provide for our livelihood,” said Ochola.

Mary Alphonse Lodira, the Deputy Governor of Eastern Equatoria state, urged farmers to exert more effort in order to combat the prevailing food crisis faced by ordinary citizens across the country.

Lodira specifically called upon the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization to support women in agriculture by providing mechanized machines and ox ploughs, thereby easing their farming activities.

In addition, she encouraged the state communities, especially the younger generation, to embrace farming and work diligently to overcome laziness and other challenges.

The Deputy Governor emphasized the importance of collective action and expressed her appreciation to the partner institutions for promptly providing fresh seeds to address the pressing needs of farmers during this challenging period.

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