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Youth leader calls for action to combat idleness

By Ijoo Bosco


Magwi Payam youth leader has urged young people to refrain from idleness and engage in various activities to alleviate economic hardships faced by the country.

According to Mr. Ayella Anthony John, the ongoing economic crisis can only be mitigated through collective efforts.

He implores young people to desist from idleness and embrace working in collaboration with the county government.

Ayella appealed for creation of opportunities where young people can access work and other avenues for personal growth while promoting long-lasting peace in Magwi County.

The youth leader, further stressed the importance of peace, noting that the county has been experiencing unexpected crimes that disrupt the community.

He emphasized that embracing peace is vital for the collective progress of all individuals.

Meanwhile, Anyek Rose Oling, women leader, urged the community to engage in farming and entrepreneurial activities to seize the opportunity of improving their livelihoods.

Anyek appealed to the community of Magwi County to work diligently and support the county commissioner’s leadership by providing constructive feedback when necessary.

She cautioned leaders to embrace corrective measures and rectify their mistakes promptly, stressing that such actions are essential to propel the county forward.


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