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Poor roads increase maternal mortality in Budi

By Jino Wilson


Residents of Bohorora Boma in Budi County, Eastern Equatoria State, are pleading with the local government to prioritize the construction of feeder roads connecting their communities to Chukudum Hospital.

This urgent plea comes after several women tragically died during childbirth while attempting to reach the hospital.

Rovina Nangan, a woman representative from Bohorora Boma, emphasised the critical need for road connectivity to their area.

“We need the government’s help to build roads,” she said. “Many mothers are dying in childbirth because it’s too difficult to reach the hospital on time. We also want to coexist peacefully with the Toposa community so we can focus on farming.”

Gold Revenue Should Benefit Citizens.

Mrs. Nangan criticized the lack of basic infrastructure despite gold mining in the area. “We haven’t benefited from the gold money,” she said. “Instead of darkness and impassable roads, we need the county to invest in roads, healthcare facilities, and the well-being of its citizens.”

The women representative recounted the heartbreaking stories of women who lost their lives due to a lack of proper roads to reach them to health facilities for delivery.

“Many women have died during childbirth because they couldn’t reach the hospital quickly. It’s hard to find young men to carry them due to the rough terrain. These mothers die on the way,” she lamented.

Nangan, along with other residents, visited Chukudum to meet with county authorities.

“We appealed to the County Commissioner about the lack of roads and requested help facilitating peace talks between the Toposa and Didinga communities,” she urged.

Mrs. Nangan further expressed her doubt about the government’s commitment to building the road. “I have little hope that a road connecting Bohorora to Chukudum will be built,” she concluded.


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