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Investigate Kapoeta attack-Civil Society

By Ijoo Bosco


Eastern Equatoria Civil Society Network (EECSN) has urged the governments of Greater Pibor and Eastern Equatoria State to investigate the recent attack on Kauto.

The activists demand the state governments to establish the extent of damages and casualties and bring the perpetrators to justice.

EECSN coordinator, Charles Onen Lokwaruk condemned the “heartless atrocities” committed in the April 23rd attack.

He expressed shock and dismay at the unexpected acts of unruliness, barbaric and heartless attack displayed by alleged neighboring Murle communities from Greater Pibor on Toposa locals in Kauto Payam, Kapoeta East County.

Onen lamented that the attack occurred despite several peace initiatives by Eastern Equatoria and Greater Pibor administrative governments, peace partners, civil society, and community-led resolutions to end the long-standing inter-communal and tribal tensions.

“These latest acts have not only manifested a lack of civil intentions but also undermined and frustrated peace-hunting efforts in the region,” Onen said.

EECSN reported that the Murle attack resulted in “scores of lives” lost and “hundreds of children abducted and held captive, possibly enslaved.” An unidentified number of household items were also looted.

Onen further stated that over ten thousand livestock, including cattle, goats, sheep, and donkeys belonging to the Toposa community in Kauto, were raided in broad daylight.

Speaking to the press, Onen stressed that these grave human rights violations, especially against women and children, cannot go unnoticed and unpunished in a country with laws and orders.

“The Eastern Equatoria Civil Society Network condemns and decries in the strongest terms the intentions, the interest, and the entire attack on innocent children, women, youths, and men of Kauto. We describe the attack as unruly, barbaric, and heartless conduct by the Murle tribe and call for justice to prevail for the innocent victims, dead or alive,” Onen added.

The EECSN expressed their condolences to the families and the entire Toposa community affected by the attack. They demanded the immediate and unconditional release of all abducted children and women from Kauto.

Onen emphasized the need for immediate partner interventions to assess the emergency humanitarian needs and response in Kauto Payam to find a permanent end to the long-standing conflicts and human rights abuses.

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