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Two killed in Kapoeta East cattle raid

By Ijoo Bosco


At least two people were killed, and two others suffered serious gunshot wounds in Kapoeta East County, Eastern Equatoria State during a cross-border cattle raid by suspected Turkana youth from neighbouring Kenya.

Kapoeta East County Commissioner, Abdalla Angelo Lokeno who confirmed the incident to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper via phone said the raid occurred on Friday in Nadapal and New Site areas respectively.

“The Turkana raided our cattle at 3:00 PM in Nadapal and again at 7:00 PM in New Site,” he stated.

Lokeno emphasized that Toposa community youth managed to repel the raiders, recovering all 1,500 stolen cattle.

“Two Toposa sustained minor injuries during the exchange of gunfire,” he said. “According to reports, the Toposa youth killed two of the raiders in New Site.”

The Commissioner expressed gratitude for the preparedness of the Toposa youth and confirmed that the injured were transported to Narus, the county headquarters, for treatment due to limited medical facilities in New Site.

“We are thankful the injured are responding well to medication,” he added.

Lokeno assured the community that local authorities and youth leaders are vigilant against further threats. He appealed for calm in Nadapal and New Site, stating that the government has the situation under control.


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