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Activist calls for law against idlers

By Ijoo Bosco


Women’s rights activist Lily Hedita urged the Eastern Equatoria State government to enact laws punishing men who idle around instead of supporting agriculture.

Hedita, who was speaking on the Voice of Eastern Equatoria Radio 97.5 FM, argued that such laws would encourage men to jointly support their women counterparts in agricultural activities.

“The biting economic situation needs everyone to work together,” Hedita stressed. “I see women suffering in the fields while men play around.”

The female activist criticized the current policy of government designating Fridays as cultivation days, but finding men neglecting their duties.

“This economic crisis can’t be solved without agriculture,” Hedita said. “If the governor reinstated mandatory cultivation Fridays, it would force men to help their families.”

She concluded by proposing stricter enforcement. “Laws should be implemented to hold men accountable and make them cultivate alongside their wives and children.”


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