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Central Equatoria state aids returnees

By James Innocent


Central Equatoria state leadership under, Governor Augustino Jadala Wani delivered essential supplies to returnees in Senema Boma, Yei River County.

The aid package included over 10 tons of maize flour, cooking oil, beans, and agricultural tools.

The vital assistance comes as hundreds of families return from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to Yei.

“We are grateful to the Governor and the Commissioner for standing firm with us during these challenging times,” a representative for the returnees said.

This is the second food delivery to Senema returnees in recent weeks, as the initial supplies were quickly depleted due to the growing number of returnees.

Yei River County Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) Director, Moses Mabe, reported registering over 500 returning households.

Governor Wani allocated $20,000 USD to purchase 12 tons of food, 100 tarpaulins, agricultural tools, and seeds. The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRRC) also contributed some essential supplies.

Yei River County authorities previously provided the returnees with maize flour, beans, cooking oil, tarpaulins, hoes, and assorted seeds.

Despite the aid delivery addresses immediate food shortage, there are also critical sanitation concerns. Lack of clean water, toilets, and disease response measures puts the returnees at risk of outbreaks.

Yei River County Commissioner Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa was joined by the County Executive Director, Women Representatives, the RRC Coordinator, and representatives from the County Agriculture Department.

“This timely contribution from the Governor has served to rescue a critical situation,”Hon Peter Luwate, Member of State Legislative Assembly representing Otogo Payam, said.



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