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Eastern Equatoria condemns Magwi attack, urges calm

By Ijoo Bosco


Eastern Equatoria State government strongly condemned the recent attack in Magwi County by suspected National Salvation Front (NAS) rebels.

The clash with South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) left three people dead.

State Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries, Angelo Geri urged Magwi County youth not to embrace rebellion in the area known for its productivity in agriculture.

“Don’t encourage insecurity in this fertile land that feeds our state and Juba!” Geri emphasized “The state condemns this attack and calls for restraint. Let citizens cultivate food”.

“We won’t allow this,” Geri declared. “Magwi feeds Torit and Juba. I have a farm there, and I’m weeding my maize this Saturday. Insecurity denies people food.”

The minister further stressed the need to reject any rebellion! “Politicians may try to confuse you, but this consumes our resources” he warned.

Clash Details

At least three suspected NAS rebels died in a firefight with SSPDF’s Division 7 Brigade 2 on Sunday, May 19th in the buses of Magwi County Eastern Equatoria State.

Magwi County Commissioner Benjamin Olum reported the incident occurred around 6:00 AM at Kimoru Bridge on Obbo Road. The suspected rebels, who reportedly camped nearby for five days, attempted to cross eastward before the clash.

Commissioner Olum reassured the public that calm has returned despite the clash adding that security forces and youth are alert for any attempts to disrupt peace.

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