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Respect chain of command, Jadalla tells cabinet

By Bida Elly David


Central Equatoria State (CES) Governor Augustino Jadallah has warned state officials and lawmakers against misusing titles and called on them to respect the chain of command in government operations.

The directive was issued during a meeting of the CES Council of Ministers, according to the State Information Minister Andruga Mabe Saverio.

“The governor encouraged the honourable members to respect the chain of command in government operations,” Andruga said.

He said traditionally, there are protocol lines to be followed, even in the way we address officials – using titles like ‘His Excellency,’ ‘Honorable Members,’ ‘Mr.,’ ‘Ladies and Gentlemen,’ and other such titles of honor.

Andruga noted that some ministers in the state government have been addressing themselves as “Honorable Members” and “Excellences,” which is out of line with the proper chain of authority.

“This must stop because we have intergovernmental linkages and close operations, whether in concurrent powers or even in the scheduled powers of the state government or even of the local governments – the counties, city councils, and so on,” he said.

The governor has directed the Minister of Cabinet Affairs to follow up on this issue and ensure immediate implementation of the directives, including by liaising with the national government to establish a uniform protocol for addressing government officials.

“The governor will take any necessary measures against state ministers and the honorable members of the parliament in case they disrespect the orders as stated,” Andruga warned.

Last year, President Salva Kiir directed that all state governors should be addressed as “Excellences” since they are the presidents of their respective state administrations.



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