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Morobo County in frantic move to stop illegal logging

By Bosco Bush


Government of Morobo County in Central Equatoria State has banned illegal logging and large-scale tree-cutting for commercial purposes in a move to mitigate the effects of climate change.

The decision is also part of an effort to preserve valuable forest resources in the county.

In a Provisional Order dated June 13th, 2024, County Commissioner Joseph Mawa John cites the urgent need to address the growing problem of deforestation in Morobo County.

“This order shall be cited as Provisional Order No.009/2024 for banning of illegal logging and large-scale cutting of trees for charcoal in Morobo County – 2024 A.D,” the order stated.

The commissioner’s directive imposes strict penalties for non-compliance, including the confiscation of trucks, machinery, charcoal, timber, logs, tools, and other equipment used in the illegal logging process.

Offenders face a fine of up to SSP 3,000,000 (South Sudanese Pounds) or a prison sentence of up to nine months, or both.

Furthermore, the order extends liability to any officials, landlords, or chiefs who are found to be involved in illicit activities, levying a fine of up to SSP 100,000 or a six-month imprisonment, or both.

The action comes in response to growing concerns over the depletion of Morobo’s forests, which have faced encroachment from both South Sudanese nationals and foreign actors.

According to Remijo Lasu, the Member of Parliament representing Morobo County those taking in the illegal logging include, Italians, Lebanese, Ugandans, and Congolese.

In mid-April, Lasu raised the issue of logging and forest depletion in his constituency during a session of the National Legislative Assembly, prompting lawmakers to condemn the unsustainable practices.

Additionally, civil society activists have been advocating for a thorough investigation into the matter, with CEPO’s Executive Director, Edmund Yakani, calling for targeted sanctions against any individuals found responsible for the illegal logging.


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