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Revisiting our nationalism (Part 1)

By John Simon Yokwe Keri   Nationalism and patriotism are both qualities that put national interests and objectives ahead of all other interests. Like a true religious believer, he or she believes in God and God’s existence, and that is the fundamental belief—never change. The person must believe in God’s[Read More…]

Public positions are rotational

By Theem Isaac Machar Akot   Public positions should not be either permanent or long-lasting. They should be shareable, like public transport, which keeps passengers boarding one bus after another for as long as the distances and destinations require. When the president then decreed the appointment of the former Vice[Read More…]

Bridging divides, building futures: Transforming South Sudan’s labuor policy for youth empowerment

By Bek Dhuorjang Chol   Introduction As the youngest country in the world, South Sudan faces a complex and challenging employment landscape. The economy is heavily reliant on oil revenues and marred with political and violent conflict, cases of corruption and mismanagement and a country being held hostage by a[Read More…]

Effective Market Price Controls and Mechanisms to realize short to mid-term Price Stability; Based on the current situation in South Sudan.

By Amargira James Kadanya   Insight and Overview of the micro and macroeconomic situation. In order for us to not only identify and ascertain the most effective and efficient mechanisms and interventions aimed at remedying the detrimental impacts and effects of the prevailing economic and financial situation in South Sudan,[Read More…]

The Rough Road to Democracy: Overcoming Challenges for Peaceful Elections in South Sudan

  By Bek Dhuorjang Chol   Introduction The Republic of South Sudan is a landlocked country located in East-Central Africa that gained independence from Sudan in 2011, making it the world’s youngest nation. Two years after independence, in December 2013, the country experienced political challenges that turned into violent conflict[Read More…]

Know your months

By Lisok James Moses   Month of the year March What is March?! Why is it March?! How is it March?! Originally the first month of the year, the name March has been derived from a Roman pagan deity (god) named Mars – a Roman deity (god) of war and[Read More…]

Can South Sudan Economy Survive on East African Community Economic Integration (Monetary Union)

By Akech Marial Zieu Koriom   Monetary Union is an agreement between two or more states creating a single currency area. A monetary union involves the irrevocable fixation of the exchange rates of the national currencies existing before the formation of a monetary union. Historically, monetary unions have been formed on the basis of[Read More…]

2024; the election year

By Steady Ayuen   2024 is not just an election year but the election year according to the reports made by international experts.  Around the world, more voters than ever in history will head to the polls as at least 64 countries including the United States plus European Union representing[Read More…]

The South Sudan Economic Dilemma

By John Simon Yokwe Keri The government of the day is in a deep mess over the economic dilemma. The economic situation is getting worse day after day, and prices in the markets are progressively increasing every week. The population is becoming disappointed, with no improvement since independence. A question[Read More…]