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Nicky Prince suffers depression after Mantani’s death

Nicky Prince/Courtesy photo

By Ephraim Modi D.S

Singer Nicky Prince of Hardlife Avenue Music said he suffered memory loss as he battles up with trauma of losing Mantani-one of their icon members in the music group.

Mantani died last year in a fatal accident.

In a Facebook post, Nicky Prince said since the death of rapper Mantani, things have not been so well with him.

“Since 24th July, 2021 upto now I realized I am suffering alot of things, names of people who I used to know, essential information. I even forgot with my phone password several times and had to format it,” he posted on his Facebook account.

Losing one’s good friend can be very traumatizing although dead can never be overpowered; recovering from it takes a gradual process if one can accept the existence of dead.

“I am still recovering at a high speed because I have accepted the existence of dead, believed that one day I will also die and everyone else is gonna die no matter in what ways” he said.

Some people can pretend to look very fine in the face of public that the public view at them as people with strong heart after losing one’s dear one but the battle of the stress comes when you are in private life.

And one person is Nicky who looks very fine with friends and people would be wondering how he is able to catch up quickly after losing Mantani.

“Many people wondered how I am able to look fine so fast after losing #Mantani, but am not yet fully recovered because it’s a process” said Nicky Prince.

However, fighting depression can be very difficult after losing your loved one. He has also recommended some better ways of coming out of that depression in his own words.

“The first trick to fight depression is to #ACCEPT the situation and #AGREE to face it responsibly without hurting yourself.

As dead is something we all know that it is inexistence of any creature, many people chose to take off their lives through suicides that are sometimes a result of uncontrollable circumstances, whereas Nicky has hastagged a campaign against suicidal actions.

“#notosuicide ❌ #Iwilltalkourmypain.”

Late Mantani was one of the members in the music group and was described as a key pillar in the group. He left out a disabled daughter in the hands of the mother that needs a further treatment to make her walk. And his daughter was taken to India late last year to further her medical treatment. Hardlife Avenue Stars is an award-winning music group in South Sudan established in 2011 and managed under the Hardlife Avenue Music, the group formally comprised of trio Nicky Prince, late Mantani and Linus who came into limelight after releasing their overall hit song “YAU DE” which still keeps the group as an all-time favorite.

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